Community Service is extremely important to the members of Phi Delta Theta.  In the fall 2014 semester brothers completed 900 hours of service to local organizations.  We take pride in knowing that we make a difference in the Indianapolis community.  Listed below are the various organizations the brothers of Phi Delta Theta have served.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services!

We had a great morning volunteering with Alpha Chi Omega at Indy Animal Care Services!  From visiting with the animals to clearing low branches over the driveway, the service was fun!  Seeing the amount of work and care that goes on in the shelter truly shows the passion the staff has for the animals.  We had a great time volunteering with our friends at Alpha Chi, and the animals made it even better!

IFC Sponsored Holcomb Clean-up

At this event, we had a great time working with the fraternities on campus to help clean-up Holcomb.  With the foundation of the paths already set, we helped by laying down the gravel for the paths.  There were teams of people helping wheelbarrow gravel, unload the gravel, and then get it set across the paths.  The men of Indiana Gamma had a great time at this sponsored IFC event!

Holliday Park

The brothers of Indiana Gamma worked at Holliday Park and helped clear debris and fallen branches out of a river.  Even with the muddy mess, we all had a great time working at Holliday Park and helping to make it even more beautiful.  We have had great experiences working at Holliday Park, and hope to continue to have many more in the future!

Weekend of Service!

This weekend, Indiana Gamma brothers worked with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and Holliday Park. With Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, we planted over 50 trees in the area! With Holliday Park, we helped build bridges for pedestrians to cross, and hauled plywood and roofing materials for better traction on the bridges. Overall, it was a great weekend for Phi Delt service!

Wheeler Mission Ministries with Tri Delta!

The brothers of Indiana Gamma paired up with the ladies of Tri Delta to serve at Wheeler Mission Ministries! Wheeler Mission is an organization that provides shelter and donations for people who are homeless or victims of abuse. Working with this organization was a great experience, especially as we got to work with our friends over at Tri Delta!

Gift of Life

Do you have 60 seconds to save a life? Phi Delt does. A representative from Gift of Life, Ellie, asked us if we would volunteer to get our cheeks swabbed in order to determine if any of us would be suitable bone marrow donors for a young girl who is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant. We all went to get our cheeks swabbed, and now we just wait for the results.

Holliday Park

At Holliday Park, we worked to clear out a wooded area that had been taken over by weeds and other infestations. We have done a lot of service with Holliday Park in the past, and plan to continue our work there.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc.
We worked with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc. in their efforts to build up beautiful green spaces throughout the city. On 9/14/15, we cleared out a path by the Monon Trail that led down to the canal, and cleaned up the woods of it's invasive species and trash. We will be continuing to work with KIBI throughout this semester.

Build-a-Bear with Alpha Phi

We teamed up with the ladies of Butler's chapter of Alpha Phi and made build-a-bears for the kids at the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital. Once we finished making them, a group of our brothers and a group of their sisters went to the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital and hand-delivered the build-a-bears to the kids.

The Riviera Club

While helping out, we painted a railing, cleaned the property, mulched the planters, digged out an area to build a mini wall, painted a fence, cleaned the pool, and painted the pool. After a long day here, we celebrated by eating some free pizza provided by The Riviera Club!

Gleaners Food Bank

We worked in an assembly line and successfully assembled over 1,500 bags of food for families in need in the Indianapolis area in less than three hours. This was a very fast pace, but fun and rewarding experience. We have also done food quality control at Gleaners as well and helped feed over 14,000 people in just 3 hours.

Holliday Park

At this event, we tore down sections of a wooden fence, repaired parts of another fence, picked up trash around the park, cleaned up fallen leaves, cleared out clutter, and helped replace a tarp. Holliday Park is always one of our favorite places to spend time doing community service because who doesn't love spending time in a park with their closest friends?

Global Peace Initiatives

While working here, we provided landscaping assistance, and set-up and tore down construction pallets.  As seen in the pictures, we also had a unique opportunity of holding and interacting with chickens.