A message from the Recruitment Chairman:

Hello Parents!

Thank you for taking the time to look into our website to learn more about our organization! It shows that you care about your son and want to make sure he is being responsible and making the best decisions for himself. I know there can be a lot of concerns that can run through your mind when your son first tells you he wants to join a fraternity. Many questions about academics, time commitment, social aspects, and financial responsibilities can come up.  I want to put your mind at ease by providing you a better understanding of our fraternity. You will see below, information about all of these concerns and more. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on this page, please feel free to contact me directly at my e-mail address located at the bottom of the page.  I think you will see that Phi Delta Theta is a great place to belong!


This is obviously one of the most important questions that comes to mind, “Will joining a fraternity hurt my son’s GPA?” The answer is NO. Everyone at the university is here because they want to get an education and be successful post-graduation. At Phi Delta Theta, we base ourselves on three cardinal principles - Sound Learning is one of our important pillars. This is evident when you look at the GPA reports at the end of every semester. We are proud to consistently be above the university average every semester, having also earned top fraternity GPA in the Spring 2015 semester. Being in a community where there are always brothers to study with is a big reason for our academic success. To instill an academic focus, our new members are required to log 10 study hours a week throughout their new member program.

Time Commitment:

The next big question many parents have is about the time commitment to membership. It will take a bit of time management at first, but it is not overwhelming. The time commitment is really determined by the individual. Most of our events are optional, brothers choose which events they want to attend. Outside of an hour meeting once a week, it is as much of a commitment as they make it. There are community service events, philanthropic events, committee meetings, sorority philanthropy events, sorority serenades and more that your son can choose to participate in if he would like.


Many parents fear that a fraternity is just a drinking club that is just going to get your son into trouble. This is understandable because of movies such as Animal House or Old School, that unjustly portray fraternities as crazy and out of control. This is simply not true. Our house is the only house on Butler’s campus that is an alcohol-free house. This not only keeps your son out of trouble, but also helps keep our house the nicest one on campus. You will be welcome into our house at any time. I will personally guarantee that you will be amazed at the cleanliness of our house as soon as you walk through our oak front door.

Another major concern for parents is fraternity hazing initiations. We have a very strict no-hazing policy, and we take it very seriously. Your son will never be forced to do something against his will, excluding the 10 study hours a week required in their program. They will be given plenty of resources the day after they accept a bid as to whom they can talk to if they ever feel threatened or uncomfortable in any way. Hazing is an act that is completely unnecessary and is something that we do not tolerate in our fraternity.

The best part about a fraternity are the bonds that you create with your brothers. It is a connection your son will have for life, and the friendships will last a lifetime. These connections will help him get involved more on campus. 100% of our members are involved in other organizations on campus, and nearly half of them hold an executive position in those organizations. Membership will give your son more opportunities to be involved in campus life, and to be a leader both within the fraternity and throughout the rest of the Butler community.

Financial Responsibilities:

The financial responsibilities of being a member is a frequent concern. Every member is responsible for annual dues. We are proud that our dues are the lowest by far of any fraternity on campus.  Our in-house living rent is lower than other university housing options, and our meal plan is nearly $1000 cheaper than the university meal plan. We work with each brother and have flexible payment options if needed. We develop a payment plan at the beginning of the year that makes it easier to make small payments if money is tight. We are very understanding, and we try to minimize any financial pressure as best as we can.

I hope I have addressed any concerns that you may have had about your son joining the Phi Delta Theta fraternity here at Butler University.  It is an awesome place to be and joining was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Please feel free to contact me using the form provided below.  I will respond to your email as soon as I can. Thanks for taking the time to learn about our fraternity, I am confident that it would be a great opportunity for your son to live, learn and “become the greatest version” of himself.

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